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Show quality ornamental fancy tail guppies are judged by the body and fins characteristics like their shape, size, proportions, colors and patterns.

For more than fifty years the competitions for judging the best fancy tail show guppies are being held all over the world by regional and international associations and clubs.
Many of these clubs and associations have their own norms for the competition.
In the IKGH conference held in November 2009, a decision was made to update the standards and the newest version and revision of Inter-High breeding standards 1999 was made for ornamental fancy show guppies.
Here we can get an idea about the general norms followed for the ornamental show guppies (especially IKGH).
The objective of these standards is to achieve the standard form in each of the individual characteristic features of the ornamental fancy fish.
With a standard, shapes of fins and body, their proportions to each other and optimal proportions are established for the ornamental fancy fish.
In a show contest for the ornamental fish deviation from the standards calls for points deductions.
Excessive deviations can lead to disqualification of the fancy ornamental fish from the competition.

Body of ornamental fancy show guppies

The body length of the ornamental show guppies is measured from the tip of the snout to the beginning of the caudal peduncle of the fish.
The body length of the ornamental fish should not be lesser than 20mm for broad tail show varieties, 19mm for sword tails and 18mm for short tails.
The body height of the ornamental fancy fish, at its highest point, must be 1/4 of the body length.
Points are added for longer bodies of the fish up to certain lengths and for further long bodies points are deducted.
The show guppies must have a robust and graceful body.
Deviating characters like, lack of streamline, bulging body, very broad caudal peduncle, very flat body, look of emaciated body, round back and strong bend leads to deduction of points for the ornamental fish.
Ornamental fish affected by diseases and abnormalities are disqualified.

Finnage of fancy show guppies

For judging high breed show guppies, finnage of the ornamental fish plays an important part.
Fancy show guppies are classified according to the tail form.The main and sub categories of the fish are:

Large tail:





Sword tail:

Double swordtail

Top swordtail

Bottom swordtail


Short tail:


spade tail

Spear tail


In the above categories of fancy show for these ornamental fish, there are separate norms for the size of the tail fin in relation to the body length, shape of the tail fin, the angle at the caudal peduncle and the size and shape of the dorsal fin.

Colors and patterns in show guppies

The well known base colors for ornamental fish are grey, blond, gold, blue, albino, pink, white, cream, silver and lutino. All other colors are considered as cover colors of the fish.
The acknowledged patterns for the fish are filigree, snakeskin and Viennese emerald green.
The cover color and patterns for the fish are: red, green, blue, yellow, black, white, neon, metallic, Moscow, 3/4 black, 1/2 black, single color, multicolor, all colors, Japan blue, red grass, blue grass and medley.
There is deduction of points for the ornamental fish for less than 100% coverage of the colors and patterns individually of body, dorsal fin and tail fin in fancy show.

The vitality and swimming behaviour of the fancy show guppies are also considered and points awarded/deducted.

courtesy info. and images: IKGH

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