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Shows and contests among the breeders for Poecilia reticulata (guppy) are being held all over the world by local and regional, national and international organisations of breeders.

Three major internatonal breeder organisations are presently existing.
Though three major breeder organisations are there the requirement of the day is a nodal international organisation with uniform rules for champion breeder competitions all over the world.
This can happen if the major breeder organisations merge or an international body brings them togeether to start a nodal breeder association.
Presently the norms differ from one guppy breeder organisation to another breeder organisation. In some breeder associations the membership is free whereas some charge fees.

The I.F.G.A. (International Fancy Guppy Association)

This organisation is in existence from 1966 and is active in United States. Many North American and one Brazilian clubs are its members and are listed below.
Chesapeake Guppi Club (CGC)
Deep South Fancy Guppi Associates (DSFGA)
Guppey Associates of Greater Cleveland (GAGC)
Michigan Gupy Breeders (MGB)
Pan Pacific Gupppey Association (PPGA)
South Jersey Guppy Group (SJGG)
International Fancy Guppi Association
Gateway Guppey Club (GGA)
Guppy Associates of Milwaukee (GAM)
New England Fancy Guppy Association (NEFGA)
Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates (RMGA)
San Fernando Valley Guppey Club

The I.K.G.H. (Internationales Kuratorium Guppy Hochzucht)

This association is having many European clubs as members. IKGH is organising European championships since the year 1978.
The member clubs of IKGH are:
Associazione Ferrarese Acquariofilia ed Erpetologia (Italy)
Belgische Guppey Vrienden (Belgium)
Cluub Aktiver Guppyzüchter Deutschlands
Deutsche Guppey Federation (Germany)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lebendgebärende Zahnkarpfen (Germany)
Guppii Club Deutschland (Germany)
Interessengemein schaft Guppiis-Mollys-Xiphos (Germany)
Klub.Akva.sk (Slovakia)
Österreichische Guppey Gesellschaft (Austria)
Svenska Guppysällskap (Sweden)
Interessengemein schaft Poeciliidae Deutschland
Magyar Guppey Club (Hungary)
Association France Vvipares (France)
British Livebearer Association (UK)
Die Guppyfreunde Dutschlands (Germany)
Dansk Guppey Klub (Danmark)
guppeyclub.be (Belgium)
Guppey Klub Rheinland (Germany)
Guppen-enzo (Netherlands)
Stowarzyszenie pot nazwa Klub Akwarystow Molinezja (Poland)
Poecilia Nederland (Netherlands)

World guppy association (WGA)

This association was found in 1997 to promote the hobby, competition and uniform world standards. This organisation has international membership. Members of this organisation are:
Die Guppyfreunde Deutschlands e. V. (DGD)
Österreichische Guppey Gesellschaft (ÖGG)
Akvárium zal. 1899 (AKV)
Aqua Breeders Club (ABC)
Associação Portuguesa do Guppey (APG)
Guppey Club Singapore (GCS)
Korean Fancy Guppi Asssociation (GUSAMO)
Deutsche Guppey Föderation e. V. (DGF)
Guppey-Klub-Rheinland (GKR)
Clube dos Criadores de Guppey do Brasil (CCG)
Associazione Italiana Guppey (AIG)
Guppey Associates of Milwaukee (GAM)
Guppeyclub Belgium
Malaysia Poecilia reticulata Club (MGC)
China Poecilia reticulata Club (CGC)

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