Ornamental tropical fish - Guppies - information - introduction

Introduction to ornamental tropical guppies fishHistoryTaxonomy

You have reached the right place for getting all information about the ornamental tropical guppies.
Herein an attempt is made to give you an exhaustive guppies information on various topics on their care, ecological requirements, breeding, diseases, varieties etc.
Here the information is given keeping in mind both the beginner and the experienced ornamental fish keeper.

Of all the ornamental tropical aquarium fish, guppies are the easiest to maintain and breed.
It is interesting to breed these pets and with dedicated work new breeds and strains can be developed, if some basic information is known.
It is easy to breed them and do some home experiments to get new colours and tail shapes and enjoy the fruit in a short span of time.
It is an exiting experience to watch them grow and breed in our home aquarium.
Exchanging and swapping different varieties and sharing information with fellow fish keepers is a wonderful experience.
Especially children must be introduced to this hobby and it is an infectious hobby as it catches up with the neighbourhood buddies. This will keep them engaged as well as help in their positive psychological development.
Keeping ornamental tropical guppies at home is found to increase the interaction between the family members and to reduce stress and strain.

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